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It would take writing a book to tell All about what The Lord has done for me & my family!

September 16, 2016

Wow! Where do I start? It really would take a book, probably a Novel to tell about what the Lord has done for us. I was divorced 20 yrs ago and because of it, I was saved! The effect the divorce had on the children was devastating! My oldest daughter attempted 3 times to commit suicide; my oldest son had 2 massive heart attacks called the Widow-Maker! He lost his wife and sons to a divorce (she filed) because his wife couldn’t take going thru the therapy with him. I had another son who was a prodigal son and after years of praying, he returned home for a while. I’ve had knee replacement and need another one but it was much more serious and hard to go through than I thought. I have a prodigal grandson now who married a few months ago, is in the Army and his wife just gave birth to a baby girl so my 1st great-grandchild who I have not seen due to our grandson not wanting to be a part of our family. I hv not seen him n years. I rcvd ltr frm KCBI praying for me and I was moved to tears!