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“It’s Never Too Late” Helen, 97 years old, Goes to Prom!

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97 years old and Helen is finally going to her first prom.

Eighty years ago, Helen Danis couldn’t afford to attend her high school’s senior prom.

“We were in the middle of a depression and money was scarce.”

But her granddaughter Julie Huddon has been helping her grandmother check things off her bucket list. And made a way for her Helen to attend the prom as her date last Friday.

It’s 💯 a sweet story but I gotta admit, it’s hitting a personal note. I never went. I was never invited to prom.

I remember those nights where I would see people driving up and down my street, picking up dates and going and I was out on the back porch trying not to cry.

So Helen- shoot girl! . You may have been poor and I may have been undesirable to the average guy but girl you’re giving me hope that it could still happen one day!

97-year-old crowned prom queen decades after missing her own high school prom

97-year-old Helen Danis never got to attend her own high school prom, so being named honorary prom queen at her great-grandson's was extra special.

Posted by ABC News on Friday, May 31, 2019