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Jay Allen Baby Update: Week 13

By July 20, 2021 No Comments

We’re starting a new segment on the morning show in light of Jay Allen announcing last week that his wife, Kailey, and him are having their first baby in January of 2022! So with that being said, we just wanted to give you an update on where they are at in the process and how the baby is doing!

Here’s what’s happening in week 13 of the pregnancy:

As the second trimester begins, the baby is growing so quickly that the little plumb-sized baby it was last week is now about the size of a peach. They measure almost three inches or almost seven and a half centimeters from the top of their head to their bottom, and they weigh .8 oz. or 23 grams this week. Their intestines, which started out as part of the umbilical cord, have found a new home in the abdominal cavity. Their tongue and vocal cords are getting ready for their debut at birth, and his or her eyes are moving closer together. Their ears are in place, fingerprints have formed on their fingertips, if we could see inside the belly, we would see veins and organs which are clearly visible through the baby’s skin. This week, little bones are beginning to form in the baby’s arms and legs and they are also able to suck their thumb in the womb.