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Jay Allen Plans Your Quarantine!

By March 20, 2020 No Comments

We’re doing something a little different for the next several weeks or months depending on how long this COVID-19 crisis lasts so in the meantime, Jay Allen won’t be planning your weekend, he’ll be planning your quarantine! Read below to see fun things that you can do while you self-quarantine right now.

1. Research volunteering opportunities in your city and mark down the most interesting ones. When the quarantines and isolation ends, we’ll still be in a pretty precarious situation. Making a personal contribution is the best way to show the world you care.

2. Keep a quarantine diary: it will be “fun” to read it again in a few years. Probably?

3. Transfer photos from your phone to an external hard drive. This is your chance to banish the “full memory” warning for at least a month.

4. Choose at least five people that you haven’t heard from in over a month and write them a message to find out how they’re doing.

5. If you’re under quarantine, visit your local government’s website to see what free goods and services companies have made available for you.

6. Whatever you decide to do, don’t open Twitter: it’s especially bad these days.

7. Make a list of all the annoying tasks you’ve got coming up in the next few months, and try to schedule them: appointments with the notary, checkups for moles, blood tests. You may not know when it will be possible to book them, but at least you’ll have a clearer picture of the situation. Gotta love the semblance of control!

8. Are you ready to face the family photo box? Maybe put a few albums together and have a little nostalgic cry, it will do you good.

9. Call or Facetime your grandparents, parents, and other relatives! Let them know how much you love them and miss their presence!

10. If you have a dog, teach him something he can’t do. Fetching a ball won’t cut it.

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11. If you have kids at home and are looking for projects to do with them that will bless others! You can share hope with seniors in these centers and help brighten their day – it’s easy! Simply download this letter or create your own – sending cards and letters of encouragement into the facilities. We can just imagine the fun, creative artwork you or your family could add to these forms. Learn more here!

Also, if you’ve got kids at home and are looking for more ideas on ways to keep them productive and engaged while having fun, you can click here for more ideas from the Fort Worth Moms!