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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: Noonlight

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Meet your silent bodyguard. Trigger an alarm, manage your profile, or connect your favorite products, all from the Noonlight app (formerly SafeTrek). Noonlight’s mission is to protect and comfort people so they can live freely.

It’s 2019. We live in a world where at the push of a button I can have a personal driver meet me on a street corner within seconds or I can get my favorite meal delivered right to my door, but if I’m in an emergency – like say being followed, robbed at gunpoint, or even sexually assaulted – I’m expected to dial 911, find and say an address closest to me, wait in one spot, and hope that help arrives soon? We think that’s CRAZY.

Noonlight brings an outdated 911 system, built for the landline, into the mobile age. All you need to know how to do? Push 1 button.

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What began as an app focused on helping college students walk from point A to point B (SafeTrek), is now a platform focused on protecting you and what matters most to you, at home and everywhere else. Whether that be sending first responders to your home when suspicious motion is detected, or to your vehicle immediately following a crash, or to your location when your heart rate reaches a dangerous level – all made possible via Noonlight’s API.

So, what does Noonlight actually mean? It’s the brightest sunlight, the type that occurs around noon, when everything is clearly visible and people feel safest. We pull insights and rich data into full view for those in distress, emergency responders, and our team of friendly dispatchers – keeping the people, places, and things you love safe.

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Noonlight enables you to be proactive about your safety by bridging the gap between doing nothing and calling 911 in a potentially unsafe situation. By holding down the Noonlight button, a user is able to passively connect to police. If nothing unexpected happens, a user simply inputs their unique 4-digit pin to cancel an alert from being sent (to police). If a situation takes a turn for the worse, a user simply releases the safe button without typing in their pin number and is connected to police.

Use Noonlight for a variety of different situations:

  • Right after a car crash
  • If you’ve fallen and can’t get up
  • House fire
  • Someone’s breaking into your house
  • Taking a ride sharing service
  • Walking alone to your car

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Noonlight also connects with all kinds of smart devices such as: Google Home, NotionPRO, IFTTT, Wear OS, Alexa, Nest, and Smart Things (Samsung). This app can connect to your apps and devices in minutes and when a Noonlight alarm is triggered, they share vital data from all connected devices with first responders. The more devices and apps connected, the more covered you’ll be.

What if there’s a false alarm or I trigger an alarm by accident?

No problem! Immediately after an alarm is triggered, our certified (and incredibly friendly) dispatchers check in via text and phone call. To cancel, just reply with your 4-digit Noonlight PIN. We’re never upset about a false alarm, because it means you’re OK. Remember, if you’re unable to respond, we’ll still send help.
In order to cover the cost of our 24/7 call centers, Noonlight charges a small monthly subscription of $2.99. To help make sure Noonlight is right for you, all subscriptions have a 30-day free trial period.

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In order to cover the cost of our 24/7 call centers, Noonlight charges a small monthly subscription of $2.99. To help make sure Noonlight is right for you, all subscriptions have a 30 day free trial period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about Noonlight and see how you can start using it on your phone and other devices, click here!

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