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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: OnMyWay

By November 14, 2019 No Comments

The Only Mobile Solution That Pays Its Users Not To Text and Drive. There are plenty of apps and activity trackers that can track your driving, but now there’s one that will actually pay you for the miles you log while driving and not texting.

The #1 cause of death for young adults ages 16-25 is Car Accidents, with the majority related to “Distracted Driving.” OnMyWay’s mission is to reverse this epidemic through positive rewards. OnMyWay awards its users with cash — five cents for every mile you drive while not texting and driving. Save up enough money and you can exchange them for real-life products and services, like Meals, Gas or OnMyWay Cash Deals. You also get paid as a passenger and can refer friends, will earn you 2 cents for every mile they dont text and drive.

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Easy To Use

• OnMyWay automatically activates when you are driving over 10 MPH.
• Simply keep your phone locked while driving to earn!
• Passengers get rewarded too.

Also, you will immediately receive $10 OnMyWay Cash when you become an OnMyWay User. Then, you can use your OnMyWay Cash to buy any of our Marathon deals and enjoy instant offers just as a perk.

When your friends sign up through your unique referral link, you’ll immediately earn $2 OnMyWay Cash. PLUS: Earn $.02 OnMyWay Cash for every mile that they don’t use their phone while driving.

You can also refer an unlimited number of your friends and family!

What Can My Phone Do While I’m Driving? 

If someone sends you a message, they receive an automatic reply letting them know that you’re driving. Once you stop at a traffic light or you arrive at your destination, you can simply check your messages and text back.

  • You can still make and answer phone calls if the phone is connected to in-car Bluetooth.
  • Other applications such as Apple Maps / Google Maps and music stations (Spotify / Pandora) will still work if activated before you start driving or while stopped.
  • The OnMyWay app uses your phone’s built in functionality, so it will not drain your battery.

OnMyWay has created an economy that makes a difference and is profitable at the same time. A for-profit company with a cause.

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“New Customer Acquisition Advertising” for both local and national businesses drives the OnMyWay revenue model, with our main focus on local businesses. Our Advertisers Only Pay A One-Time Fee When We Deliver a New Customer That Actually Makes A Purchase.

Our Clients: Restaurants, Spas, Retail Stores, Online Retailers, Hotels and really any consumer based business looking to expand their customer base are able to participate in a campaign that is guaranteed to saves lives and increase profits at the same time.

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With Mathematical Certainty:

  • With only 223 users in each state nationwide, we will prevent a Car Accident every single day.
  • With only 36,000 users in each state nationwide, we will save a Human Life every single day.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!

  • Our Users win by getting paid real money for not texting and driving.
  • Our Advertisers win by expanding their business with a no-risk advertising campaign, where they only pay when we deliver new customers.
  • Together We All Win By Saving Lives And Preventing Car Accidents!

OnMyWay has just added “Marathon Deals”… These are deals where you can save your money, refer your friends and get real cash transferred to your bank account. Get Paid Directly through Paypal or Venmo.

The company hopes to eventually make deals with insurance companies, health care providers, and employers who want to motivate their employees to drive safe and get paid!

The OnMyWay app is free to download. It is currently available on both the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android. To learn more about how you can start earning money for not texting and driving, just click here!