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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: Silbo

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Silbo was formed around one simple question: How do sports officials get games? The answer was more complicated (and flawed) than we expected so we decided to build a better solution. Now, thousands of sports officials can use the free Go Silbo™ app to choose when, where, and for what wage they will officiate. At the same time, game providers are able to more efficiently schedule, pay, and communicate with officials.

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Silbo is the future of sports officiating now! With Silbo you have access to more games and more control over your schedule. Silbo empowers sports officials to work where they want, when they want, how often they want. There are over 100 million games played annually in the US. They all need sports officials. We connect sports officials to these games simply and conveniently.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie. Silbo opens up the world of officiating like never before. Come join our community.

  • Find more games in your area than ever before. If you see it, you are qualified to work it.
  • Stay connected and notified with real-time alerts and in-app messaging.
  • Secure automated payments deposit game fees directly into your bank account. No more checks or cash trips to an ATM!

We’re Making Sports Better

Traditionally, the process of recruiting, scheduling, and paying sports officials was analog, inefficient, opaque, and resulted in a fragmented supply of referees. Nearly 10% of games nationwide are being cancelled due to a shortage of officials.

Rethinking the Way We Play

We’ve built game-changing technology to:

  • Advocate for officials’ wages, working conditions, and scheduling.
  • Provide more opportunities for sports officials nationwide.
  • Train and activate the next generation of officials.

Building The Next Generation

There’s a nationwide shortage of refs. Silbo recruits & trains hundreds each month. We find new officials, train them, and connect them to games. The Silbo community represents the next generation of officials: energized, engaged, diverse – all backed by our powerful data analytics.

If you’d like to start earning money using Silbo or if you’re looking for quality officials for sports events, click here!

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