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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: ŠKODA Parent Taxi

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Do you ever spend so much time running your kids from A to B that you feel like a taxi driver? Well now you can make those miles pay with the free ŠKODA Parent Taxi app, made by Volkswagen. Just like a Taximeter, it keeps track of how far you go and converts it into helpful things your kids can do around the house to pay you back. It’s only fair.

The ŠKODA Parent Taxi app enables grown-ups to exchange lifts in the car for useful activities and chores such as feeding the family pet, cleaning the car, tidying the bedroom, cleaning the dishes, etc.

The app works by tracking the journey via GPS, and parents or guardians can set how many miles equate to a single chore. Once the driver has reached their passenger’s destination, the app totals the miles travelled and reveals the chore/s for the journey.

As a means of receipt, the driver can share the completed journey directly to the passenger’s phone/device via text or email; it even gives the option to share the details on social media. Other functionality includes the ability to view past journeys and fares, create a bespoke chore receipt, and track the total amount of journeys.

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Please drive responsibly. Once your journey is underway there is no need to interact with the app until you’re parked safely at your destination.

Download the ŠKODA Parent Taxi app for FREE today on Apple & Android and start exchanging your miles for chores today! Click here to learn more about it!

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