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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: Tunity

By October 3, 2019 No Comments

Tunity developed the first application of its kind which allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their mobile devices.

Through a patented deep learning and computer vision technology, Tunity identifies a live video stream and its exact timing, syncing the audio with the user’s mobile device. Based in New York City, Tunity is on a mission to revolutionize the out-of-home TV experience and transform the way brands engage with consumers.

You simply scan the TV with the camera in the app and let Tunity do its magic: identify the channel and the exact timing of what you’re watching and streams the synchronized audio to your headphones or Bluetooth speaker. With the new Quick Tune feature, channels you (or anyone else in that venue) listened to are automatically saved in Quick Tune, so you can listen to it simply by choosing the channel from the Quick Tune list, without the need to rescan!

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Where Should I Use Tunity? To put it simply—ANYWHERE! At bars, restaurants, gyms, airports, hotels and anywhere else where there are muted TVs.

If you are a venue owner, Tunity is the perfect audio solution for your venue, with no hardware installation required. Go to to learn how you can become a Tunity partner venue.

Please note Tunity only supports live TV and doesn’t support online content like YouTube, streaming services, etc.

For live TV, however, it works like magic.

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If you’d like to use Tunity on your phone or learn more about this really cool app, you can click here!