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Jay Allen’s App Of The Week: Unreached Of The Day

By May 7, 2020 No Comments

The Unreached People of the Day app presents a photo, map, basic statistics, profile text, and prayer items for a different unreached people group each day. Browse by country, people name or date. Expand your vision and passion for unreached peoples. Develop a heart to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to some of the least-reached peoples in the world.

  • Each day, the app presents an unreached people group profile including a photo, statistics, text, map, Scripture, and prayer items.
  • Use the app to join thousands of others worldwide praying for the same unreached people group.
  • Look-up any of the featured 366 people groups by date, country, or people name.
  • Set a daily notification reminder and share the app with others on social media.
  • For a complete list of unreached peoples visit Joshua Project.

The Unreached People of the Day is also available by daily email or by webfeed to display on your website or blog. More information is available at www.unreachedoftheday.org.