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J-Crew Kids T-Shirt Has a Lesson for the Adults in the Room

By June 4, 2018 No Comments
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This simple J.Crew t-shirt is causing quite the stir in the online debates. I’m not going to dive into the politics of whether I agree or disagree with this t-shirt. But I do have an opinion about making our children wear/espouse a point of view: let’s keep our discourse between the adults.

In my opinion we shouldn’t try to make a statement with our kids. If they can’t even articulate the messages that they are wearing on their t-shirt (not just parroting what they’ve been told to say but really having an understanding and context for themselves) then let’s leave that message for our own t-shirts.

But we CAN do a magnificent thing by modeling for our kids what a healthy dialogue, even disagreement, can look like. We can show them what asking powerful questions does, we can show them the power of LISTENING to other people in humility and patience. We don’t back down from our point of view but we operate out of love and respect for one another. That’ll be a lesson that will last far longer than a t-shirt!


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