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Jeff Is Going Skydiving!

By June 10, 2019 No Comments

How far would you go to face and conquer your fears? Ben Nelson with Skydive Spaceland Dallas called into Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca on Friday with a radical idea: Skydiving!

As we tossed the idea around on the air, several of our listening friends came up with an idea – use the Skydiving-Fear-Conquering adventure to raise money for KCBI, which is a listener supported radio station, as you know.

Jeff has bravely accepted the challenge with one caveat. He will jump out of a plane with Ben if (and only if) we can raise enough to cover our shortfall (no pun intended) of $30,000.

You read that right. If we can raise $30,000, Jeff will jump out of a plane.

Give easily by clicking HERE or call 888-886-8848.

Want to contribute towards this Skydiving Fundraiser? Click here to make a gift!  GIVE NOW

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