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Jeff & His Boss Joel Are REALLY Jumping Out Of A Plane!

It all started with Jeff’s massive fear of heights and after a listener named Ben called in to get Jeff to jump with him out of an airplane, Jeff agreed to it but only with one condition: The station had to raise $30,000 in order for him to do it and because of YOU, we reached the goal! Jeff is REALLY going to jump out of a plane!

However, that’s not all that happened. After thinking about the scary truth that he was indeed going to be jumping out of an airplane flying down towards the ground, Jeff didn’t want to go alone. He decided to sign up our boss Joel Burke to jump with him or in his words, he wants to “push his boss out of the plane.” There’s just one problem. Joel Burke, our boss wasn’t exactly notified or asked permission before Jeff did this. 😉

After talking with him off air, Jeff and Joel have come to an agreement. If we can raise an additional $10,000 for the ministry of KCBI, Joel Burke, will jump out of the plane too! “Being pushed out” of the plane may or may not be how he gets out of the plane, it depends on if you ask Joel or Jeff. 😉

If you’d like to help us reach the finish line and have Jeff get the chance to push his boss, Joel out of the plane, you can call 888-886-8848 or you can click here to give!

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