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Jeff & Rebecca’s App Of The Week: FamClub

FamClub is an exciting new way to promote family togetherness and reward household productivity. Set goals as a family, track, allowances, and a get rewarded at the end of each month with a FamClub box!

Upon signing up, users will create and customize profiles for each family member. Once signed up, users may create and assign goals and tasks to other family members to be completed throughout the month. FamClub even allows you to assign a monetary value, due date, and completion status to each goal created. Goal setting is not exclusive to adults either; Kids can set goals and check the status just the same!

As goals are completed, the user responsible for setting the goal will be notified and can validate that a goal has in fact been completed. Once each family member has reached their goals for the month, depending on membership level, they may receive a FamClub box with a reward for each member of the family!

Download FamClub for FREE and join our community of happy and productive families today! FamClub Premium ranges from $25-$30 a month or just pay a one-time $5 fee to have FamClub be completely ad-free!

For more information about how you and your family can starting using FamClub, click here!

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