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Jeff & Rebecca’s App Of The Week: Otsimo

Featured for more than 250 days! Otsimo is a certified and awarded educational game application developed for individuals diagnosed with learning disorders, attention deficit, autism, down syndrome, Asperger’s, and other special needs.

Created under the guidance of parents, psychologists and special education teachers; assistive games in Otsimo aim to teach fundamental education about core skills such as words, alphabet, numbers, emotions, colors, animals, and vehicles through assistive matching, drawing, choosing, ordering and sound games. For individuals or children having a speech problem, Otsimo has free AAC which often is used in speech therapy, autism communication or special education schools. If you want your nonverbal relative/student with autism speaks, free AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) is a proven effective learning tool to have a better speech and to communicate better.

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Otsimo games are developed according to the Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA therapy which is the most widely known and trusted early intensive behavioral therapy technique for helping individuals who have learning disorders and attention deficit problems.

Otsimo consists of two separate platforms dedicated to games and settings. Games section includes ad-free educational games which are shaped individually to the user’s mental development. The settings section is the platform where you have full access to the user’s education program, can review the user’s progress, check the reports and configure difficulty settings.

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Since Otsimo games are designed according to ABA therapy, Otsimo can be used with inner peace by individuals / children having autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome, attention deficit, cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, motor neuron disease (MND), speech impediments, and aphasia.

Otsimo Premium

Otsimo is free to use, but you can reach more educational games and features by upgrading to premium.

Otsimo Premium offers you:

  • Access to all 50+ educational games
  • 2 new games every month
  • Personalized special education
  • In-depth insights to track the progress
  • Daily and weekly report cards about the played games
  • Cross-platform support up-to 3 devices

For Otsimo Premium, we offer the following subscriptions:

  • 1 month from $20.99
  • 1 year with a discount from $9.99/month
  • 1 year from $13.75/monthly
  • LifeTime from $299.99

If you’re interested in learning more about Otsimo and how you can start using it for FREE today, click here! 

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