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Jennifer/Baby Corbin

September 16, 2016

A week & half ago I asked for your prayers for Jennifer & baby Corbin. Since then, Jennifer has been in the hospital about 5 days. She is extremely sick with massive kidney infection, pneumonia, & unstable potassium & magnesium. Her fever has been 103, and all is taking a toll on baby Corbin as well. His heart rate continues to decelerate. She is about 26 wks along and her husband Dustin & her know the dangers baby Corbin will face if born at 26 wks. They have 2 other little boys that were preemies! Would you Please lift Jennifer & baby Corbin up to our Father for healing & a safe delivering of Corbin when he is bigger & stronger! The Dr’s & nurses are doing all they can but Jennifer continues to decline. Our Father & Lord Jesus are the only ones who can heal them! Thank you for praying. They need it so desperately!!
What a wonderful family Kcbi is to come together and pray on behalf of one another! May God Bless you all!