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Jenny Anchondo Joins Us In Studio!

We were so fortunate to have Jenny Anchondo sit in the co-hosting chair with Rebecca Carrell and Jay Allen this morning and if you wanted to hear all of the conversations that we’ve had on the air with her this morning, you can listen to it below!

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Make sure to hear more of Jenny on her podcast, “Second Shot” with her husband Heath as they tackle today’s headlines in way only an odd couple with a dash of perfect opposite can. The headlines are a jumping off point and this duo takes it from there, to give the audience a “Second Shot” and pull a life lesson from the news of the day. The goal is inspiration, motivation and up-leveling your life.

So kick back, relax, and join the conversation!

Listen to their podcast here:

Jenny Anchondo

You can also follow Jenny on Facebook & Instagram @JennyAnchondo and can visit her website here!