Praise Wall

Jesus Never Gives Up His Ways are Perfect

I just want to give a shout of praise for anyone who thinks its to far gone that there situation is hopeless no. I am living proof that Jesus holds the whole world in his hands and everything he does is perfect. I have suffered but it was to teach me to do right and that he means every word that he says. The living word is to give me life and I was a rebel all my life I didn’t know him because I didn’t know how. I destroyed my life and the enemy had me devoured in a grave I had no mind left. God saved me but I was still walking blind with a tare in my field. My brokenness of being shattered left me more vulnerable but God was faithful he Got the Truth broke through to me the enemy used me having no one as a target on my head. I was living abused but I overcame although it cost me pain and comprimise Jesus was always there and he was strong enough to free me fear was a liar. He is working miracles and I’m living proof that his mercy was greater than all my sins!