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Jesus saved my life.

By March 22, 2017 No Comments

Thank God for His son Jesus. Jesus has saved my broken life from going to an end. My life has gotten better ever since Jesus came into my life. There is so much I am thankful for since Jesus has saved my life. My health is very good. My career is awesome. I am a person who loves Jesus with all my heart ever since I started to believe His story. I was a hurt person that was out to hurt people. I was saved by the grace of God.

I am able to give generously to my church home. I am just a believer of Jesus Christ who was raised back to life from death.
My life was not too hard, but I made it hard on my self when I was younger. Now I am paying for my mistakes, but Jesus is going to help me be a person with a plan to do my best.
My friends at church have seen me go from this shy person to be someone who’s not shy.
Now I know there is a higher power in this place and His name is Jesus Christ.