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Jesus Will Still Be There

By December 21, 2018 No Comments

A good friend of mine converted to Christianity from Catholicism and just recently went through a traumatic experience with her family. The situation put them all at odds. She and her two teenage children are now staying with me and my family. Her daughter is 15, a new Christian and wants to know why God has allowed them to be able to go through such turmoil. Her mother has forgiven those her treated her wrong. However, the daughter is struggling. Her mother is so humble and grateful. Christmas is coming and they have nothing. My husband just went back to work yesterday and we have very little to share but are willing to give our all to help them succeed. Is there any way you can help this family physically get back on their feet or bring a little joy during this Holiday Season? My number is 2147791470. Please call. Thanks in Jesus Name, Betty Jennings