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‘Joy Turner’

December 14, 2016

3 years ago I was caught up in the grips of meth-addiction. Was labeled a ‘functioning addict’, which is a terribly miserable label to ‘own’. My disease had woven itself into my life, making me a puppet against my own will. I was literally outside myself watching my body do things that my spirit would never do!!! SCREAMING on the inside and beating on the walls of my flesh! Too proud to reach out for help, I prayed a simple (what I know was prayer) “Help! I cannot keep living this way. There just has to be something different!” as I drifted off to sleep. Within days I found myself in the midst of the MOST horrific storm, yet the MOST amazing blessing! There I sat in my own home, my kids taken by CPS, my house being rummaged through by several masked authorities, and experiencing what I now know to be “the peace that surpasses ALL understanding”. The answer never clearer in my mind…JESUS! The answer is Jesus!