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Judas Ate Too.

By April 14, 2022 No Comments

On this Thursday of Holy Week, I read something very powerful from Pastor Nic Burleson that I hope you’ll ponder on with me:

“Jesus knew. He goes into that room with His disciples. He knows He is going to be betrayed. He knows it is Judas who will turn against him. He knows that He has been sold out for a handful of silver. Stabbed in the back by one He has poured His life into. Yet, in that room, hours before the death of Jesus, Judas ate too. Jesus fed Judas too. Jesus prayed for Judas too. Jesus washed Judas’ feet too. I struggle to wrap my brain around that kind of love. A love that would feed the mouth that deceived you. A love that would wash the feet of the traitor. A love that could forgive even the harshest of betrayals.

I honestly struggle to comprehend it. And then, suddenly, I realize that I’m Judas. And in that moment, I’m so thankful & altogether overwhelmed that Judas ate too.”