Praise Wall


By June 20, 2022 No Comments

I have a man that’s been playing witchcraft around me and this morning I woke up what a huge bruise on my arm I do not control the domestic violence I’m in church and like Michelle Hammonds abstinence I don’t have to be gay I went to church last night a Full Gospel had a good time I’ve been out of character as a Christian because I’m frustrated this is an undesirable family around me they want me to draw blood they are swole my feet up and I got this huge bruise on my arm I had surgery a US Hospital a DNC the medical device has been bothered I don’t know if this man is a warlock but it’s dealing with the Masonic I need Apostle Grace Anderson’s prayers because she taught me a lot on Facebook the witch helmet and all that stuff and deliverance these are Jehovah Witnesses at night he messes with my angel’s wings on the wall I have a crucifix up I eat more garlic nowadays then a vampire pray for me and my finances gasoline and groceries are high I don’t have my food stamps for this month I