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KCBI And Toilet Paper Have Something In Common

By March 18, 2021 No Comments

Believe it or not, KCBI and toilet paper have a pretty big similarity.

Today is National Awkward Day so this fits right in line with that theme, but the thing that KCBI and toilet paper have in common is that they’re both essential. Last year at this time, you couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere. We were all scrambling to find it and we found out, not only toilet paper, but a lot of things are essential to us. So many times over the last year we heard from people how KCBI is in that same category and unlike store bought goods, it’s never sold out. KCBI has been that place you could turn for peace and rest, it’s been that place that God has reminded you of his love and sovereignty through the music.

We share that with you to say this: Thank You. Thank you to everyone who partners with our ministry. Whether that’s through financial support or prayer or just listening along, you’re such a key part of this community that provides an essential message of encourage, hope, and the love that’s found in Jesus. God has gone before us, he is with us, and will surely be waiting for us in the days ahead, come what may!