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KCBI keeps me hopeful

April 19, 2016

10 years ago I was Teacher of the Year at the job I loved and lived for. 8 years ago I retired at the request of my husband. 6 years ago he was diagnosed with brain cancer. From the very first, we knew it was terminal. I was his caregiver 24/7 till his death in 2011. Just a few months later, I assumed half ownership of his business and began working there. Within a year I had bought out his partner and become full owner with the help of a huge bank loan. I am not qualified for this job. There has been a huge learning curve! Just a few months later my aged parents became disabled. Several moves later they are wheelchair bound and in a nursing home near me. Mama is on hospice care. Stress is my middle name. I literally have KCBI on 24 hours a day. Over and over, just the right song or just the right message has ministered to me when I am at the end of my rope. Bless You Folks!