Praise Wall

KCBI keeps my faith strong!

12 yrs. ago I was on a first date. We were riding our motorcycles and I had a horrible wreck. I knew I was in bad shape. I broke 8 bones through the skin in my right leg and a couple of ribs on the left side. I was losing a lot of blood. I felt like I was dying and didn’t want to die not feeling loved so I looked up into the man’s eyes who I was on the date with and said “I love you”. He said it back to me so tenderly. He never left my side for 3 days. Long story short, after 12 yrs we realized that God had “thrown” us together for a reason. We found God through all of this. We were baptized this past Jan. and were married in April. KBCI has become such a big part of my life. I listen to it everyday for inspiration. It helps me through my physical therapy and driving through Dallas traffic. You lift me up and draw me closer to God every single day. I can’t imagine my life without KCBI in it. Thank you KCBI for all you do and the blessings you help spread!