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Prayer for my son 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for my son Jozeph he is 15 and has opener up about his heart and that he has thought about suicidal thoughts dealing with his father and I separating 7 years ago, dealing with his brothers manipulating him to do whatever they want. I place my son in God’s hands. I lift up…

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Praises/ Answers to Prayer 2> By | Praise Wall

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We have a GOOD GOOD FATHER…. I have been networking for a new job for three months with an assistance of an employment specialist with Happy Employment. I was offered a job and got hired. I start new job 1-15-18. Praises be to GOD… GOD answers prayers!!!!!!!

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New Job 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for myself & my 6 yr old grandson whom I’m raising that I can get the job God wants me to have working remotely from home, or close to home that makes more money, and with benefits. My daily commute has been 2 hours and 30 minutes daily. I need more time to…

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Thanful thurs Jan 4th 2> By | Praise Wall

Im thankful today thursdasy im 56 im thankful my grown kids care enough to send money buy me lunch but most of all God blessed me grandson nov 24 another one dec 28 my oldest son his son is 3lbs 6 oz 15inches 2 mo early they tried for long t8me time he is my…

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My girls 2> By | Praise Wall

I had my girls at a very young age, so I was not raised right, I had been raised with very low self esteem, my parents were drunk a lot, I had been molested in head start, then raped when I was 12 in the park. My mother raised us with a very strong hand….

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Delieverance 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for me and my two kids. I also need prayer for Greg God delivers him from being abusive lies hate emotional physical abuse saves him and turns him from his wicked ways. Amen.

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Christmas with JESUS 2> By | Praise Wall

I had asked for prayer for a Dear Friend Harold. He was ill and had a prison ministry. He spend Christmas with Jesus and i am sure a few if those former prisoners who were in Heaven also due to his ministry. PRAISE THE LORD for Jesus conquered the grave

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Prayer for Son with Leukemia’ 2> By | Praise Wall

We are long time listener’s and contributor’s to KCBI. Our 59 year old son who is a Christian recording engineer in Nashville, Tenn. in August he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is not an easy form of Leukemia to live with but is curable. We would appreciate prayers lifted up to our Lord…

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God loves you more than you know 2> By | Praise Wall

I think the greatest evidence of God is how he moves and changes people with the presence of his spirit. I’ve been Christian my whole life but it wasn’t until I gave it up for him that he’s done amazing things. For example, as a kid I was so selfish and consumed in my passions,…

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Strength 2> By | Praise Wall

The enemy is trying. Asking for prayer. Our furnace needs replaced, roof started leaking causing hole in ceiling, found mold in wall had to rip out and insurance dropped us to a vacant house coverage till we get roof, windows and siding replaced, which means if something does happen just our mortgage is covered. I’m…

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Praise God 2> By | Praise Wall

God is good all the time, all the time God is good. my dear Baby Jesus thank you thank you for helping me find my missing files just thank you thank you.

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grace made a difference 2> By | Praise Wall

I was involved in witchcraft when I was younger and the grace of God came in and changed my life. I have struggled many times over the years in my faith but it is the grace of God that continually makes a difference in my life. Now I am raisings 3 beautiful daughters and it…

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In God I Trust 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for me and my family. My husband has betrayed me and I need strength to get through. I pray that he turns from his wicked ways and seek Gods face. My son has been placed in a hospital to address his mental problems. Daughter pregnant with twins and she is very uncomfortable, cant…

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Addiction and Mental Health Recovery and Healing 2> By | Praise Wall

After growing up around watching parents, family members, and family friends struggle with addiction and mental health conditions, I naturally headed into the helping field. With great will to overcome the adversity I was faced with, I went on to graduate college and go on to receive a graduate degree. For the past 12 years…

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i am now a mother 2> By | Praise Wall

i cant express my joy and gratitude for what almighty lord had done for me through His servant Pastor Audric did for me, i had been married for 2 years now and been having marriage crisis as a result of not been able to give birth , there came a time when i badly needed…

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Addiction, confinement, uncontrollable thoughts. 2> By | Praise Wall

Unfortunately, I’m not in the West and I never attended church but could you please pray 4 me to quit masturbating?. I’m a masturbation-obsessed and a middle school dropout. I know, you don’t have enough time to read the story of my life so sorry my story can’t be summed up more than this. My…

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Responding to My Miscarriage 2> By | Praise Wall

To the woman who lost a baby and questions whether to attend her friend’s baby shower, I gently offer my thoughts: God’s Word tells us there is a right time for mourning and each child is lovingly designed by the Master Creator, our gracious Heavenly Father. Because our society does not value unborn children, taking…

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