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Praise for answered prayer! 2> By | Praise Wall

God has been moving mightily in my life and my family. I have a great new job I started on the 23rd of January. There is sooo much peace in my life and a growing heart desire to serve God like I have never done before! Also, God is mending past relational issues, and my…

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Arise To Intimacy. 2> By | Praise Wall

This morning I was listening to the Message at 9am -10am and it was mainly about Being Alive in Christ and When we think on Heavenly things or Earthly things all the time, shows us if we are in this world and apart of it or In this world and NOT OF IT. He shared…

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Running home to God 2> By | Praise Wall

I was never raised in a religious home, and never kept many friends that knew God. Now that I am an adult I have been tirelessly searching for something bigger than myself. Now fast forward two years and now here I am, a born again Christian. I never would’ve seen myself here in a million…

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God is always good 2> By | Praise Wall

I want to thank so many who prayed for us when I posted about my daughter who was pregnant with their first child. She was having symptoms of losing the baby. I was wowed how many were praying for her. I wish I could say everything turned out the way we wanted it to but…

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God healed my son from sepsis pneumonia 2> By | Praise Wall

On 1/20, I sent an urgent prayer request. My son had come up with sepsis pneumonia; a very dangerous & deadly infection. Or either he had the wrong diagnosis or our God quickly healed him; just like that!! Next day he was already working as if nothing had happened. He visited 2 urgent care clinics;…

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How Jesus changed my life 2> By | Praise Wall

I had a serious disease which caused my stomach to swell like I was 10 month’s pregnant I Prayed to God if it’s your will please take this away from me because I had to get my stomach pumped with a long needle they would get 6 to 7 liters of fluid every 6weeks that…

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Prayer works 2> By | Praise Wall

I’m not sure who needs this but here it goes, 2016 was the fourth year I had been praying non stop for my daughter to be saved from the addiction to heroin and then my dad had a stroke and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer there would be no cure just an attempt…

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God will provide! 2> By | Praise Wall

Dear friends, please help us to pray for a financial miracle, our congregation is been working so hard raising money for the down payment of the building where we serve God and our community, We have hope that God will provide the rest….. Thank you’ ll GOD BLESS YOULL

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Prayers For Transition 2> By | Praise Wall

My family and I relocated from Atlanta to the DFW area to move closer to family after experiencing great financial loss (home, job) and the failing health of both of my parents. Since being here it has been very difficult for me to find full time employment. My husband has a job, but he is…

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Journey of Life 2> By | Praise Wall

Hello, in 2014 my mother was diagnosis with breast cancer. During my journey I came upon (90.9) KCBI FM, your music and words of hope and encouragement made my days much easier. As of November 8 2016 my mother went to be with the Lord, she was on maximum life support and our family had…

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