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Jesus saved my life. 2> By | Praise Wall

Thank God for His son Jesus. Jesus has saved my broken life from going to an end. My life has gotten better ever since Jesus came into my life. There is so much I am thankful for since Jesus has saved my life. My health is very good. My career is awesome. I am a…

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For those praying! Thank you for praying! 2> By | Praise Wall

I have seen God do a lot in my life and lives of others I requested prayer for and I truly believe your time, effort, and heart in prayer is definitely a reason for why God is moving in my/our lives. If you have been praying or will be praying for me, can I know…

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Getting the love of my love back 2> By | Praise Wall

need a prayer request week ago the love of my life broke up with me and I don’t understand why she willnt talk me and it hurts so bad to the point I tried to kill myself I want her back I have never loved someone like I love her and it hurts so bad…

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Response to Daily Dilemma from 3/10/17 2> By | Praise Wall

Good Morning Jeff and Rebecca- Today’s dilemma hits very close to home. I have personally gone through a very similar situation within my family. 1. PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY SOME MORE for strength and peace. Pray for a Godly woman that has this experience to come along side her to help navigate these waters. 2….

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Breakthrough 2> By | Praise Wall

About this time last year, I was in a difficult place. Depressed,, fearful, in a toxic job, husband that was emotionally abusive to me and our son and facing a divorce after 25 years of marriage. How did I get there? Then by the grace of God everything changed. I am still on my journey…

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Silence 2> By | Praise Wall

There is nothing more deafening then the silence of God. As you strain your ears to hear from the Father, You are growing in Faith , learning to reach a little farther out in Trusting Him, and less in self sufficiency. The Father is drawing you near, but yet the lack of His Peace leaves…

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depression 2> By | Praise Wall

I’ll start with a praise, last year I requested prayer for my daughter dee, since then she has turned her life around and living for Jesus now., however in doing that she has lost pretty much all her friends. shes single and 28, still suffers from depression. My prayer is for God to send good…

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Breast Cancer Survivor 2> By | Praise Wall

Back in November I requested prayers because I was undergoing a double mastectomy surgery. I had my surgery in November and underwent reconstruction on the same day. Everything went well with the two surgeries and I knew God was seeing me through. Then about 4 or 5 weeks into the healing process my doctors had…

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Protection of life and healing 2> By | Praise Wall

On April last year in small town in Europe, my mom got sick , was send to ERe wrong diagnosis-high sugar and pneumonia..It turned out she had a kidney stone blocked her ureter14 days later.Even on the firs day at ER we were told there was sm wrong w her kidneys, they reduced the antibiotics,…

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Holding to Hope 2> By | Praise Wall

My husband left me last year and filed for divorce while I was pregnant with our third child. We lost everything, including our home. I was wondering if anyone could help me and my children with rent and an apartment for one month.

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Job 2> By | Praise Wall

I have been looking for a job for several months now. Please pray that several doors of opportunity will open very shortly. Thanks for your prayers.

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Praise for answered prayer! 2> By | Praise Wall

God has been moving mightily in my life and my family. I have a great new job I started on the 23rd of January. There is sooo much peace in my life and a growing heart desire to serve God like I have never done before! Also, God is mending past relational issues, and my…

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Arise To Intimacy. 2> By | Praise Wall

This morning I was listening to the Message at 9am -10am and it was mainly about Being Alive in Christ and When we think on Heavenly things or Earthly things all the time, shows us if we are in this world and apart of it or In this world and NOT OF IT. He shared…

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Running home to God 2> By | Praise Wall

I was never raised in a religious home, and never kept many friends that knew God. Now that I am an adult I have been tirelessly searching for something bigger than myself. Now fast forward two years and now here I am, a born again Christian. I never would’ve seen myself here in a million…

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God is always good 2> By | Praise Wall

I want to thank so many who prayed for us when I posted about my daughter who was pregnant with their first child. She was having symptoms of losing the baby. I was wowed how many were praying for her. I wish I could say everything turned out the way we wanted it to but…

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