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Welcome to KCBI’s Praise Wall. Listeners like you can share your stories of hope to inspire thousands of people. Read through these stories or share your own story of hope.

Suffering relative 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for provisions, miraculous healing, and restoration for a Christian relative who went astray and has a mental illness. He had been stabilized and living a productive lifestyle, but some things happened and his medication was changed. Also, please pray for God to send His holy angels to watch over and protect him and…

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Marital Affair 2> By | Praise Wall

First of all, God is so good. I heard about this webpage a week or two ago while listening to KCBI radio, something that I only began to do a few months ago when my world came crashing down and I needed to turn somewhere for even just a moment of hope. This prayer wall…

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Fire on Christmas 2> By | Praise Wall

525 Holder Dr my daughter and her 3 little kids just lost there home about 15 min ago due to there house catching fire. Any help u can offer them will be a great blessing .shes a hard working parent. And shes all alone.im her mother and I dont has anything to help her with…

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Job 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray that I will get a job soon. I have bills to pay and need a job. Pray that God will give me the grace to do the job well and the favor with all of my future coworkers and future boss.

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Debts 2> By | Praise Wall

Please pray for me,I am a Christian in China. Now i need $700,000 to pay my debts,may God bless me abundantly! And may God make great breakthrough in my life !

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Eviction for Christmas 2> By | Praise Wall

My prayer is that I and my four kids don’t get evicted for Christmas. I have been on Government Housing for a long period of time and this year, I’ve had a chance to make a difference in my and my kids lives. I got a job working at a fulfillment center. I’m new to…

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General Prayer Requests 2> By | Praise Wall

1. That the good LORD will keep me and my family healthy in 2019. 2. That my children will be successful in their examinations particularly those in the University. 3. That none of the groups such as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), The Senior Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), the Non Academic…

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Jesus Will Still Be There 2> By | Praise Wall

A good friend of mine converted to Christianity from Catholicism and just recently went through a traumatic experience with her family. The situation put them all at odds. She and her two teenage children are now staying with me and my family. Her daughter is 15, a new Christian and wants to know why God…

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Need a miracle 2> By | Praise Wall

Just started a new job. Got my first check. I thought I could buy my grandkids Christmas but my check was for 1 day. So no Christmas for me this year. Need a financial miracle in Jesus name

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Hope 2> By | Praise Wall

This is my friend Dinnie’s story. Dinnie is a strong believer in Christ and her mother as well. Her mother is suffering with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Dinnie is working as customer service representative and helping pay bills. Unfortunately, Dinnie lost her job last month. The rent is overdue. I would like you to please…

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HOPE 2> By | Praise Wall

Please prayer for my brother Juan who is suffering from an infection found in the blood. Doctors are doing everything to find out where this infection is coming from. He is in constant pain. My mother is visiting him and had to miss work with out pay. Please pray for his recovery and her return…

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M to the 3rd Power 2> By | Praise Wall

Our dear friend, Kim, (supporter of KCBI and member of FBD) was granted custodian ship of her 3 Grandchildren about 8 months ago. Her daughter/son-in-law were arrested, sent to prison and the children removed from the home. Marshall: 7, Madison: 6 and Makayla: 3. The children have been physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually abused as…

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Breakthrough to You! 2> By | Praise Wall

ABOUT ME Experience is the best teacher yet it could leave you with everlasting scars to always remember. Life with a silver spoon is awesome but in my situation, I was not even privileged to have a bronze spoon to start my life. My life was out of control. I was the Lord, the alpha…

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finances 2> By | Praise Wall

I would like to thank God for all he does and continues to do in my life. I ask for prayer as this year has been especially hard on both me and my daughter. my ex husband hurt my daughter an we have put through courts till last month justice was served for the unspeakable…

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Chasing hope and strength 2> By | Praise Wall

My story is for Daughter Camilla Mesa, she is a single Mother and a fighter. She just recently had a baby boy and she’s is a single mother of a beautiful 11 year old girl. We are originally from Florida and relocated to the area of Arlington Texas after the hurricane. My Daughter’s situation after…

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Appreciation 2> By | Praise Wall

My story is more of an expression of gratitude and appreciation for this Ministry. I leave my radio tuned into KCBI, so when the radio is on, KCBI is on. I ADORE Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca!! Y’all are the PERFECT BLEND of goofy, real, encouraging and inspiring! It NEVER FAILS that when I am…

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Marriage 2> By | Praise Wall

Jesus take veils away from my and my husbands eyes and in our life that we can see clearly how we can have a real truthful marriage. And have peace, fun and a real good relation with each other. More respect and caring for each other. Willingness, courage and strenght to us to do all…

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NOW!!! 2> By | Praise Wall

URGENT!!! Plz PRAY HARD that God will bring Erika’s husband & Mercy’s father back to them in Guatemala BEFORE Christmas…& for all time. IMPORTANT!!!

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