La Casita is home for hot sauce and tortilla chips.  Made in Texas for Texans, in Medium Original Recipe, Abuela’s Mild and Caliente Extra Hot. Every hot sauce jar and bag of chips come with an encouraging scripture. La Casita is a Kingdom business ran with Biblical values and a proud supporter of 90.9 KCBI FM.

  • La Casita Hot Sauce will be at the State Fair of Texas in the Go Texan General Store.
  • La Casita Hot Sauce is a local, award winning salsa that is unlike any other store salsa you’ve eaten before.
  • When you open a jar of La Casita Hot Sauce, you can smell the fresh veggie blend that taste as fresh as it smells!
  • La Casita Hot Sauce is farm to table fresh! We use only fresh ingredients, not fresh out of the can produce.
  • Our award winning, all natural salsa is restaurant style, low sodium, has no gluten, sugar or msg, and is onion and vinegar free.
  • La Casita Hot Sauce and La Casita Tortilla chips are all-natural and gluten free products.
  • Try La Casita Hot Sauce today. Pick some up at your local Kroger Grocery Stores across the greater D/FW area.
  • Visit us at for more information.
  • La Casita Hot Sauce is a faith based company and a proud business impact partner.
  • La Casita Hot Sauce is an award winning Go Texan product. From start to finish, our chips and salsa support Texas famers, Texas food manufacturing, and business operations here in North Texas.
  • Always come home to La Casita!