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Lauree and Doug Can’t Agree On The Best Frozen Pizza On National Pizza Day

By February 9, 2021 No Comments

Today, February 9th, is National Pizza Day and we know frozen pizzas aren’t usually what you think of when you picture yourself biting into a hot, delicious slice, but there are times when you can’t wait on delivery and frozen will have to do. So Yahoo decided to assemble a team of taste-testers sampled every kind of frozen pizza sold at major grocery stores has ranked the 17 of best frozen pizzas.

Here is where some of the crowd favorites came in on the list

17. Totino’s Party Pizza.  “We had high hopes for this one when one of our taste-testers raved about how he would eat it almost daily as a child. But as soon as we bit into the pizza we realized this number was better left for kids or people who just don’t know any better. To say that the party pizza was far from pizza would be an understatement—the unmelted cheese, lackluster crust, and weirdly chunky pepperoni caused one taste tester to claim he “wouldn’t even feed it to a dog.”

9. DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza. “Based on initial taster comments, this frozen pizza was a little divisive. Some tasters loved the pepperoni, while others felt it tasted like it had been pulled straight out of the freezer. But it got better with age (and by that we mean the passing minutes between bites, not actual years), and in the end, our tasters enjoyed it.

5. Tony’s Pepperoni Pizza. (Doug’s Personal Favorite) “As one taster said, “I had low expectations for this, but I actually can’t stop eating it.” Let’s be real: Tony’s is not gourmet pizza, but there’s just something about it that won’t let you stop munching on it until there’s nothing left. Let’s not question it.”

You can see the full list of the frozen pizza rankings here!