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Let down by the ones who are supposed to protect me

By May 14, 2020 No Comments

I feel so used and abused , and my privacy broken . This is what drives me away from GOD and this radio station. Why would he allow this to happen to me . And make me go through this agony and pain ? I don’t deserve all this . I have never felt more less than a human being without rights as a American citizen . I cannot see why GOD would do this to anyone . Especially a supposed Child of GOD . This makes me emotional . This station says they help people & I ask for help and they know what I’m going through and they don’t care . I actually listen to this radio station to find hope to get through the struggle and help with the evil I am forced to battle and they just brush me off like I am nothing ! Why ?? I live a miserable life at the moment , not able to get a job cause of what’s happening to me , live in a home with hardly no running watter , dog poop everywhere ,IRS might not be sending my returns till after JUNE because they are paper returns and this COVID 19 crap is affecting me