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Life After Domestic Violence Exists

October 14, 2016

It has been 10 years and its still hard emotionally to even put down into words here. I have worked very hard in counseling and with individual and group sessions weekly for over 5 years. When I say i worked hard it is not an over exaggeration. It is very hard work to move thru something so traumatic and takes a very good counselor. I was diagnosed with PTSD after as I was having debilitating anxiety attacks in public and nightmares preventing me to sleep much and a very reduced appetite from the knot in my stomach. I now can say i have not had an anxiety attack in at least four years. I feel emotionally healthy and able to live my life. Talking about it is another part entirely. To talk abstractly like this is easier but getting into the detail is still too hard. I encourage anyone who is questioning their situation to immediately find help to walk you thru safety measures at your local womens center. Police and churches are becoming more informed which is not what I had during mine.