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Life changes

June 11, 2015

I am the oldest of nine, my dad was a great Godly father and husband. He worked took care of us and was a deacon in church and mom was a deaconess. Later in life my younger sister pass away, my dad, another sister and a brother all had aneurysms and pass away during Easter. We at first did not know what the cause was, but later found out it was a kidney disease Polycystic, which took their lives before the age of 45years olds. (Test were ran and later found the cause) Every year around Easter my mom was on pins and needle wondering who was next. All the rest of my living sibling were tested and I do not have it and I was able to donate my kidney to one of my brothers and that was nine years ago, praise God he is doing well. During this time mom develop dementia . Now my other brother has 13% kidney function he will be 45 in Oct. 2015. He is so much like my Dad a Godly father and husband, his wife is a prefect kidney match. PRAY FOR COMPLETE HEALING .