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Life Hacks: The Magic Eraser

*This article was originally published by Erica Young at Reader’s Digest*

Do you know what makes a Magic Eraser magic? The stain-fighting sponge we all know and love is made from a material commonly used for insulation and soundproofing, melamine foam. Melamine mixed with a couple of other components gives the sponge a microscopic sandpaper-like texture, making it a super effective abrasive cleaner.

Here are some incredible life hacks that Jeff & Rebecca have found that you can do with a Magic Eraser!

1. Use a Magic Eraser to clean a whiteboard

Is your whiteboard showing ghosts of past writing? Get rid of those faded marks once and for all. A Magic Eraser can clean off any marker remnants that your whiteboard cleaner left behind.

2. Use a Magic Eraser to say goodbye to coffee and tea rings

Coffee and tea can leave brown rings in your mugs, making them look dirty when they’re actually clean. Don’t buy a new set of coffee mugs just yet. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub the rings and watch them disappear!

3. Use a magic eraser to get rid of hairspray residue

When you use hairspray in the bathroom, some of it inevitably ends up on your styling tools where it dries and builds up over time. Get rid of that layer of scum by scrubbing your curling iron, flat iron, and blow-dryer with a trusty Magic Eraser.

4. Use a Magic Eraser to refresh grout

Grumpy about your grimy grout? Use a Magic Eraser to scrub those grout lines clean. It works great on floor grout or backsplashes and other wall tile grout. The Magic Eraser’s built-in micro scrubbers are surprisingly effective on grime and dirt that builds up on your grout. No chemical cleaner needed!

5. Use a Magic Eraser to shine cloudy glassware

If your glasses are looking a little cloudy, it’s Magic Eraser to the rescue. Wipe the interior and exterior of the glass with a damp Magic Eraser and your glassware will be transparent again!


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