Praise Wall

Life Obstacles

I pray to God every day to give me strength, courage, wisdom, and love. Needing patients and healing for my family which time will show I can make it right. I’m a child of God, daughter, mother, hard worker, recovering drug addict, and pray daily to give thanks for another day of blessings and to get past the struggles and the heartbreak. I was hurt as a child by a man and through this drugs came into my life. I stole for it and hurt others and my family. I paid the price with jail time and 10yrs probation. I was clean for 16 years and then I slipped, I’m so devastated that it happened and I hurt my family again. I am not 8 months clean but I have lost contact with my son. He serves in the Army in Germany. I have a granddaughter now that I can’t see. My 2 daughters that live with me are learning to trust again but having issues because of me and using. My 22yr old has a brain tumor that I can’t get help with and my 10yr old has night terrors and won’t sleep alone now.