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List Of Local Pregnancy Centers

By January 25, 2019 No Comments

As we continue this discussion this morning about the bill that recently passed in New York allowing abortions to occur all the way up through birth, we decided that we wanted to provide a list of resources that people could access or share to know their options for Pro-Life Clinics in the area. Check out the list below and support these clinics!

1. Downtown Pregnancy Center


2. Prestonwood Pregnancy Center


3. Mid-Cities Pregnancy Center


4. Fort Worth Pregnancy Center


5. Metroplex Women’s Clinic


6. First Look Clinic


7. Grace House Ministries

Click here to learn about Grace House ministries!

8. Pregnancy Resource Center Of Grand Prairie

Click here to learn about Pregnancy Resource Center Of Grand Prairie!

9. Embrace Grace


10. Raffa Clinic


11. Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center

Click here to learn about Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center!

12. Pregnancy Help 4 U


In this time, we can be outraged by this bill being passed, but really, this isn’t anything new with our world. For us to be effective, we need to put our money where our mouth is. If we can’t contribute financially to these places, then give your time to it! There are plenty of ways we can help!