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LISTEN NOW: Make Somebody’s Christmas – Kerry

By December 10, 2018 No Comments

This week’s nomination was truly heartwarming as Kerry was nominated by his daughter Halee, but the kicker was that when we called Halee, Kerry was the one who answered the phone. After some explaining, we told Kerry that his daughter had nominated him for this blessing because of his selfless pursuit of his children as their father. He has raised 3 girls and two boys from diapers, now aged 13-17, and has not received one gift or vacation during that time.

Here is what Halee said about her father:

“My father has prayed and cried many years to support us alone and his disability check is never enough to pay all the bills. As a result, he begs the food banks for food so we may eat in which the Lord always provides. Many times, my father has asked the community action partners for help to pay our electric and sadly, our family has been rejected so many times. Despite all this, my father keeps praying and forgiving others, may the Lord accept thy wish. Amen!”

That’s why we decided to Make Kerry’s Christmas!

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