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LISTEN NOW: Make Somebody’s Christmas – Stacie

This week, we want to highlight Stacie who was nominated by her best friend, Romona. She faces certain health problems in the form of Aplastic Anemia and over the past two years, it has certainly done a number on her. Unfortunately, while dealing with this, she ended up losing her job but then got involved with Restored Hope Ministries where she got the opportunity to stay in one of their available apartments. However, there are still certain bills in the picture that she is responsible for like her car payment, insurance, and out-of-pocket medication and treatment costs. Sadly, in the midst of all of this, she ended up looking two close family members within a very short time and not to mention that her brother also is fighting cancer. Looking at her, you would never know what all is happening in her life because her positive attitude and willingness to help others is always strong. Seeing this story, we knew that we had to Make her Christmas!

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