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LISTEN NOW: The Real Reason You’re Not Happy

By August 7, 2018 No Comments

Recently, Time Magazine did a story in regards to the reason by people are not happy and surprisingly, each reason listed aligns with principles from the Bible.

As we continue the conversation, Rebecca talks all about one thing to constantly is promising us happiness, but in all honesty, fails us every time.

It’s part 3 of our conversation talking about happiness and this time, we talk all about money and how it not only can’t buy happiness but it causes problems with comparison if we’re not careful.

It’s the 4th part of our discussion when it comes to the science of happiness and this whole week, we’ve talked about the things that will never bring us real happiness. However, today, we talk all about the things that provide us real joy!

As we conclude this discussion on happiness and why it’s not a bad thing to want, we focus on two ways specifically that bring you real and lasting joy!