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LISTEN/READ NOW: Jeff & Rebecca’s App Of The Week – HQ Trivia

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HQ Trivia is the wildly popular live game show where you can win real cash prizes!

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Every day, tune into HQ at 3pm and 9pm U.S. Eastern Time to answer trivia questions ranging from easy to hard to savage, and see if you have what it takes to win cash. A host walks everyone watching through a series of 12 multiple-choice questions on a range of topics. Get all 12 right, and you win a share of the prize pot for that day. (In fact, on New Year’s Eve last year, HQ gave away $18,000!) Get a single question wrong, and you’re out!

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Make sure you turn on push notifications so you’ll never miss the live shows and your chance at the money. Invite some friends to join the fun – if they use your code, you’ll get extra lives.

HQ has had special guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Ice Cube, and Alicia Silverstone dropping in, giving away millions of dollars in prizes, and been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and more. Join the future of television and get HQ now!

Jeff absolutely LOVES this game and Rebecca is excited to try it out!

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Download HQ Trivia for FREE today on Apple and Android and start playing! To download it on Apple devices, click here! For Android devices, click here!

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