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LISTEN/READ NOW: Jeff & Rebecca’s App Of The Week – RunPee

The RunPee app exists to improve your movie-going experience. The database is updated weekly, whenever wide-release films open in theaters — to tell you the best times to run and use the restroom, without missing the best scenes. Of course, we provide a synopsis with each time a bathroom break comes up, so you will know exactly what you missed while you’re gone. There is no other information like this in the entire world. We have over 1,300 movies in our database, and more added every week by our family.

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Here’s a hypothetical: You’re at the movie theater and didn’t intend on getting the large Coke with the large popcorn, but it was literally only a dollar more than the regular, so you were like, “WOW, WHAT A BARGAIN!” Before the previews are over, you’ve already downed half the soda. Now you’re filled to bursting with high fructose corn syrup water, and the movie’s about to start. You need a bathroom break, but you don’t want to miss any of the action. What do you do? BOOM. RunPee. RunPee is an app that tells you the perfect time to run to the bathroom during your movie and gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed when you get back. You’ll never miss an important scene again. It’s basically the best app since Facebook!

How Does It Work?

The built-in Timer will alert you, by discreet vibration, when a bathroom break is coming — so you don’t have to worry about bothering the people around you in the theater. Now you can relax and enjoy the movie…without wondering when to take a break. You never have to sit down again and ask, “What did I miss?”

The Movie’s Over… Or Is It?

RunPee will let you know, for FREE, and without the bother of any advertisements. We tell you what extra scenes are coming and when, and if they are worth staying for. Lots of people (worldwide!) rely on this feature alone!

Running Late?

If you’re running behind, our app will tell you what you missed in the first three minutes. Like our unique bathroom breaks, this unique information is not available anywhere else.

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3D User Poll

See what other users think about the 3D quality of a movie, to help you decide if you want to spend the extra cash on the glasses. Some movies really put attention into their 3D… our users tell you if it’s just a money-grab.

After 9 years, we’re really good at what we do. Our long-time users love us! We think you will too.

So even though Jeff thought this app was a waste of time, I think we could all benefit from utilizing this app the next time we’re at the movie theatre! Hear the conversation we had on the podcast below!

Download for free and get more information by clicking here! 

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