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LoLo On The GoGo | 12 Hours in Iceland | Episode 3

By October 31, 2018 No Comments

KCBI had three options to vote for Icelandic foods that #LoLoOnTheGoGo had to try while she was in Reykjavik for 12 hours. You voted for the cruel and unusual punishment of the Icelandic delicacy (that nobody in Iceland eats anymore) ROTTEN SHARK.

Apparently you cannot eat shark when it’s been freshly caught, too many toxins that could harm you. So they bury the sharks for a number of months, in which time the flesh rots and takes on a pungent ammonia smell and a rotten taste!


Challenge #3 – Eat Rotten Shark. Find out if she completed this challenge and if Producer Emily helped her out at all.


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