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Lonely and helpless

November 23, 2015

Married 27 yrs. still a struggle after so many yrs. on communicating. I struggle with telling my husband William how I feel when things happen between us because I do not want my flesh to take control. William has a habit of just walking away when it comes to talking. I need lots of prayer PLEASE.

Prayer for my newly wed 23 yr old. daughter Daisy, who was my best friend and who is now making her own way. I have lost her and I know this is the right thing but, she doesn’t seem to understand that getting married does not mean she does not have to share things AT ALL with me or her father. I need much compassion, understanding and patients for this situation. I have backed off asking questions about what she been up to, to give her, her privacy. I really hurt. I not sure why she thinks she can’t tell me anything not one single thing since she got married. I do understand she has her husband now and he is her solo mate but really NOT nothing can be discussed.