Afternoons with Lauree

“Look for the Helpers!”

By August 5, 2019 No Comments

We certainly have had tragedy. But we choose to find the helpers and see their heroism, their care, their generosity and love!

?Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley Jr. just got back from deployment from Kuwait while everyone in the mall was running out, 22 year old Glendon ran into the chaos and picked up children and took them to safety!

?All the men and women who have flooded the Blood Banks and Hospitals in El Paso for the urgent need of blood for those that were brought in!

?A 6 year old named Blake who made a shirt with his mom that read “I Will Be Your Friend!” as he prepared to go back to school. He knows how it feels to be bullied and wants to be a safe place for other students this year!

Those are the blessed beautiful helpers in our world! God Bless You!

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