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Looking For Community? It Can’t Be Done

By October 9, 2020 No Comments

It would probably be disappointing to you if you said “I really want to find community” and my response to that was “no, it could never happen.”

I know how disappointing that would feel because I’ve said that sentence! 3 years ago today, I moved to Dallas/Fort Worth with just a moving truck full of stuff and I didn’t know a single person. I said it so much, “I really want to find community.” But what if there was a better way to say that? What if instead of FINDING community, we said I’m ready to BUILD community? Because community doesn’t just happen, it’s not the end all be all. You can meet an awesome group of people that you love the idea of doing life with, but that’s when the building starts to take place. Just like any relationship, it takes effort from both sides. The transparency and humility that you appreciate from them, you have to be willing to bring that to the table as well. It also requires commitment. A lack of commitment to plans in hopes that something better may present itself is actually what can decay the structure of community.

When we build community, when we invest our time in building relationships on honesty and vulnerability, that when community happens. So instead of looking, let’s get our hands dirty and start building something special.