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Loss of a Spouse

By April 27, 2022 No Comments

I have to start by giving glory to God. I lost my husband whom I was married to for 21 years on 05/12 2021 to suicide. I will Never understand it and I was blindsided by it, but I don’t have to understand it I have to trust God and believe HE knows what is best for me. I also have to thank my mom for teaching us the word of God at a young age. I don’t know where I go from here but God does and that is all that matters. I must and do trust my Lord and savior to guide my family and I the rest of the way. I cannot imagine where I would be if I was not taught about Jesus. So all glory to the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit. KCBI is on in my house 24/7 never does it go off and I have been a listener for over 30 years..Keep on keeping on with sharing the good news of the best book (Bible)in the world that saves lives. I love listening to your music as well. Bless you all and bless KCBI.