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Make Somebody’s Christmas: David

This week’s edition of Make Somebody’s Christmas really is a special because Renee decided she wanted to nominate her little brother, David. He has been a single day for the last 3 years of 5 children that range from 6-13 years old. Unfortunately, their mother chose a different path in life and that means it’s a life without her children. However, it makes things hard for David considering she doesn’t choose to pay child support or even see them.

David is such a hard worker who always looking for ways to make ends meet, but unfortunately doesn’t qualify for public assistance. His house is in the process of being foreclosed on so he is having to move at the end of the month. He has tried every possible option to try and keep the house including loan modification and bankruptcy and he has sadly hit a wall every time.

Even though times are tough, he still manages to provide for the children the best he can while still remaining faithful and active within their church. That’s why we wanted to do our best to Make his Christmas!

Do you know of someone who is going through a tough time in life? At 90.9 KCBI, we invite you to share their story with us and any needs they might have. Then, listen each Monday morning at 7:15 with the KCBI Morning Show for “Make Somebody’s Christmas.” This is an opportunity for KCBI to partner with you to help someone in need and give them hope! You can submit your nomination here!

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