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Make Somebody’s Monday: Chrissy

Nicole recently wrote us to nominate her friend Chrissy who has been going through a lifetime of struggles within the past year.

Chrissy is a vibrant, passionate, and loving friend, daughter, and mom of 2 young kids. She is also an only child and had the best relationship with her parents. Recently, Chrissy’s mom began to have memory issues more frequently and that’s when her and her dad made the mutual decision that she would need 24 hour care in a memory care facility. Then last Summer, her faith faith started to be tested more. She divored after almost 10 years of marriage which left her heartbroken.

On September 29th, 2018, her dad passed away after becoming severely ill two weeks prior to that. It was a horrific experience as she is the only support for her parents. She spent her time caring for her Dad in ICU, Mom at the Memory Care center, children at home, while she was still having to work. She is a daddy’s girl and this loss was extremely difficult for her.

When you think that it couldn’t get worse, Chrissy lost her job around the holidays and her Mom started taking a turn for the worse (because of her condition, they decided not to tell her Mom about her Dad’s passing, fearful of how it would impact her illness). The week before Christmas in 2018, Anita (Chrissy’s mom) was placed in hospice care. January 7th of this year, she joined her husband in Heaven. Chrissy started a new job the same week as her Mom’s memorial service.

Losing both parents within months is so unheard and traumatic, especially before you are 40. This has been an emotional drain on Chrissy and she has relied on her faith and friends/family to pull her through. The latest thing happened this week when she lost her job again.

Wow. Can you imagine dealing with all these things over the course of just one year? Chrissy is certainly having a rough time and while we pray for her circumstances to improve, we also will be praying that Chrissy would continue to see God’s provision for her life during these difficult times.

We know we can’t do everything but we definitely wanted to Make her Monday!

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